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Corporate Culture:

RCL Mission
RCL encourages a bold innovative, rigorous, open and inclusive company environment. With cross-domain cooperation, we are not only making pleasant human living experience, but also leading the urban space upgrade and renewal. The firm is keen to become the happeniess transmitter of the social community. Furthermore, RCL seize new opportunities for gloal customers, continuing utilize the capital resources to boost the new global economic development.

RCL Vision
RCL adheres to entrepreneur spirit of self-motivation and courage, promoting breakthoughs of real estate, finance, cultural and technology industries. The company is aiming to grow with cooperative partners together, and build a win-win platform. Besides, RCL cares the community and society, we keep spreading positive energy and improve the living quality in multiple dimensions.

Talent Development
Join the RCL famliy to experience the intenational and active working environment. Start a creative collision in a diverse and dynamic team in RCL, here allows full play of your creativity and provide opportunities for everyone to explore your potentials. In addition, RCL provides friendly and equal working environment for employees, meanwhile, individual cultivation and development are emphasized. The company has professional training system, customized training and development will be offered for each individual.