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Art IP:

Beijing Xinshi Reliance Commerce Co., Ltd has realized remarkable achievements in IP creation and promotion. In order to welcome the rooster year of 2016, N1 Xin Tiandi art shopping center invited the American animation designer Casey Latiolais to design the giant rooster sculpture with eye-catching style. The rooster statue has the symbolic gold frontal hair and thick eyebrows with “OK” in the left and “NO.1” gesture in the right hand. Once it was released, it blew fire around the world with its unique shape, attracting domestic and foreign authoritative media such as Global Times, New York Times, CNN and CCTV.


2018 is the year of dog. Xinshi Reliance Commerce Co., Ltd creates the MGOGO with the original IP. The cute dog is favored and actively forwarded by home and abroad users for its golden forehead, naive look, specific gesture, and good meaning of “blessing”. Numbers of domestic and foreign authoritive media carry out relevant reports. In addition, cute dog series of derivatives and online emoji packages have also been launched in the same period and are sought after by lots of fans.