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Cultural Tourism Planning:

Beijing Reliance Handa Urban Building Planning Design Co., Ltd., which is under the leadership of Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd., was established in 2011 and has a Class A qualification for urban and rural planning granted by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The expert in domestic urban planning and conservation of historic cultural cities—Cao Changzhi acts as the chief planner. Cao Changzhi has long been committed to the theoretical research and practical exploration of urban planning and cultural heritage protection. He has hosted over a number of national, provincial and urban governmental decision-making consulting research projects and urban planning and design. In 1992, Cao Changzhi first innovated the academic concept of the protection of historical and cultural cities and the economic and social development and the principle of achieving both harmony and win-win. He successfully planned and presided over the project of Pingyao ancient city’s application for world cultural heritage.


Reliance Handa specializes in the research and planning of famous village protection and tourism planning consultation in famous historical and cultural cities, and highlights the planning, design and public policy trinity consulting research. It provides the context for the region, the status quo in the process of rapid urbanization, lead the future of the implementation of advisory services. The scope of business covers historical and cultural city protection research and planning, traditional village protection and development planning, overall planning, etc., serving tourism scenic spots, tourism real estate, cultural and tourism towns and other projects.

The company has a high-quality team of renowned experts, scholars, urban planners and other professional technical personnel. Over the years, it has been renowned in the industry for its corporate image of “carrying forward tradition and seeking truth and innovation” as well as its impressive project performances.