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Shanghai Ruike Asset Management Co., Ltd
Shanghai Ruike Asset Management Co., Ltd (“Ruike Asset”) was registered in 2015 with the registered capital of 10 million RMB. Total asset volume of Ruike Asset Management reaches 2 billion RMB, and closely cooperative fund scales over 10 billion RMB.

Ruike Asset is a private equity investment fund company with rich experience in investment management experience and focusing on absolute returns. By combining macroeconomic cycles, industry developments, and individual stock valuation, the company formulates asset allocation strategies that are advancing with times. Upholding the investment philosophy of “value investment”, the fund manager judges the current economic cycle in advance to explore the sunrise industries with growth potential, and traditional industry in line with current cycle configuration. Then, the manager will select the industry with the relatively cheap valuation and enterprises with the higher status and wider moat in the industrial value chain.

Core members of company investment research team not only have outstanding education backgrounds at home and abroad, but also have accumulated more practical experience in famous financial institutions, including but not limited to: Wall Street hedge fund manager, macro strategic analyst, top-ranking quantitative traders, and big data senior engineers, etc. Because of the rich experience in investment practice and research, they have high sensitivity to changes in market investment styles and excellent risk control capabilities. Adhering to the mission of maintain and increasing the value of investor assets, it is committed to becoming a professional investment institution with sustained competitiveness, organic and sound development, and high brand awareness in the domestic capital market.

Business Types
1. Securities investment fund: Ruike Asset insists in the investment philosophy of “value investment+ quantitative trading” and sets up “Ruike Cornucopia Private Equity”. The fund is committed to core philosophy of value investment combined with time-selective quantitative trading experience, and taps the relatively undervalued securities, high-quality enterprises with high growth potentials and high moat in the domestic secondary market, creating the long-term competitive returns for high-net-value individual and institutional investors.

2. Overseas hedge funds: Ruike Asset insists in the characteristic philosophy of “value investment+ macro hedge” and the global macro-wide strategy, sets up “Ruike global macro quantified hedging series investment fund”, uses numerous financial instruments of the US capital market, including US stocks, options, futures, commodities, precious metals, foreign exchange, etc., to formulate macro hedge trading strategies and carry out hedging activities with corresponding risk exposures to achieve long-term and stable yield growth.