Reliance Commercial Land Pte.Ltd is a global diversified investment group, headquartered in Singapore, with its branches spreading throughout world’s leading financial centers including San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, etc. Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd has more than 15 years of expertise in investment and development. By virtue of the abundant international resources and excellent operational management abilities...


Our Industries

Real Estate Development

RCL developed residential property, commercial complex and cultural tourism town. RCL activates new ecology and seizes the cutting-edge technology tendency. The group constructs top-class leasing space that conveys contemporary aesthetics and customer requirements, while realizes appreciation in profit returns. Moreover, RCL focuses on upholding sustainable development philosophy in environment, society and culture.


Intelligent Retail

Under consumption upgrading tendency, online and offline commercial barriers gradually weaken and triggering the rise of intelligent retail market. The company focuses on user demand from early stage. By the aid of big data team, company accurately predicts consumer demands, promotes evolution and upgrade of retail industry, constantly innovates business models and user experience, and becomes the leader in new retail business.


Art and Design

RCL creates refreshing shopping experience which combines fantasy and fun, constructs the fashionable and diversified cultural community, merges modern aesthetic arts, and applies cutting-edge technologies. In addition, the company has a first-rate team of art design talents, the firm cooperates with world-renowned art institutions, international galleries, non-profit art space, and introduces high-level exhibition with academy and entertaining.


Cultural Tourism Planning

Beijing Reliance Handa has Class A qualification for urban and rural planning granted by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The industry expert—Cao Changzhi acts as the chief planner. Reliance Handa specializes in the research and planning of famous village protection and tourism planning consultation in famous historical and cultural cities, and highlights the planning, design and public policy trinity consulting research.


Financial Services

RCL builds one-stop asset management platform to provide customers long-term,asset management and value-added services. Securities investment realizes portfolio management to help investors manage high-net-value assets. Moreover, industrial fund focuses on value creation, accumulation of high-quality capital to help the development of entity economy. Besides, RCL also provides professional financial leasing service.