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Intelligent Retail:

Under the overall tendency of consumption upgrading in the new era, consumer demands turn to diversity, and online and offline commercial barriers gradually weaken, triggering the rise of the intelligent retail market. Beijing Xinshi Reliance Commerce Co., Ltd focuses on user demands from early on. With its professional big data team, the company accurately predicts consumer demands, promotes evolution and upgrade of the retail industry, constantly innovates business models and user experience, and becomes the leader in new retail business. Xinshi Reliance Commerce Co., Ltd contributes itself to improving the project online visibility and promoting online and offline retail business traffic. Meanwhile, the company develops brand-new intelligent retail projects with advanced digital technology, further develops retail services on social platforms, promotes online payment, cloud computing and other services. It promotes online stores to realize datamation and intelligence and revitalizes different sales scenarios, and autonomously operates a membership system to allow consumers and commodities to realize smart links that are not subject to scene restrictions, and create more innovative and personalized consumption spaces.