About RCL |

Reliance Commercial Land Pte.Ltd is a global diversified investment group, headquartered in Singapore, with its branches spreading throughout world’s leading financial centers including San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, etc. Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd has more than 15 years of expertise in investment and development. By virtue of the abundant international resources and excellent operational management abilities, the company’s footprints cover many countries and domestic cities, including New York, London, etc. The business scope ranges from finance, real estate development, new commercial retailing, cultural tourism planning to industrial upgrading and so on.

Overseas, Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd has successfully invested in and developed Hudson Lights real estate project located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, whose overall floorage is 545,383 square feet with a total investment amount of 0.14 billion USD. In Mainland China, with its international vision, strong capital and rich experience in the real estate field, Reliance Commercial Land continuously develops high-quality real estate projects and ancillary services. It selects high-growth and high-quality urban projects and has achieved excellent results in optimizing the regional environment and creating long-term value.

Until now, the planning investment and operation management projects led by Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd cover residential property, commercial real estate, business incubators and cultural tourism towns and other integrated industries. The total management area exceeds 9 million square feet and the market value of the fixed assets managed exceeds 2 billion USD.




Each wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd provides real estate development, new retailing, art and design, cultural tourism planning and financial services. In the early stages of development, the company deepens its development in each and every subdivision area and continues to explore the integration and breakthroughs among technology, humanity and commerce. The group has extensive experience in project operations and a professional team in related fields; it pays close attention to the dynamics of market changes and ensures the orderly and efficient implementation of the project, providing customers with consistent and stable asset value-added services.