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Financial Services:

Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd is a one-stop asset management platform that is dedicated to provide customers with long-term, stable asset management and appreciation and value-added services through one of the three financial subsidiaries of the group: Shanghai Ruike Asset Management Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen Fuqiao Financing Leasing Co., Ltd.

  • Securities Investment
    It realizes investment and portfolio management of secondary market stocks, money market funds, and other financial derivatives to help manage high-net-value investors’ assets.

  • Industrial fund
    With equity investment as the main mode, it focuses on the core concept of value creation, accumulation of high-quality capital at home and abroad to help the development of the entity economy.

  • Financial leasing
    The main products and services include direct leasing, sale and leaseback, vendor leasing and other leasing, etc.