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Industry Funds:

Shanghai Beigui Investment Management Co., Ltd
Beigui Investment was established in 2016 and is part of Reliance Commercial Land Pte. Ltd. It focuses on equity investment focuses on the core philosophy of value creation by bringing together high-quality domestic and overseas capital to support the development of real economy. For a long time, we have maintained a close cooperative partnership with several hundreds of institutional investors and actively explored and served high-net-worth investors. Beigui Investment concentrates on the Chinese market, focuses on and deepens related fields with advantages in resources and investment experience, and maintains an open attitude to explore the emerging business opportunities in the global market.
In the investment direction of private equity funds, Beigui Investment maintains a high degree of connection with China’s economic growth. With the increase of disposable income of Chinese residents, the overall upgrading speed of the consumer industry is accelerating, which has stimulated a significant increase in the potential growth of many sub-sectors, such as retail, catering, cultural media, and healthcare. Meanwhile, it is also crucial to lay out the high-end manufacturing, new energy, TMT, and other fields in terms of strategic layout around the implementation plan of the first decade of Chinese government’s strategy of building a strong economy.

Cinema M&A fund
In Q1 2018, the overall performance of China’s film industry was quite satisfactory. The market box office in the national film market increased 39.80% year-on-year to 20.2 billion RMB, setting a quarterly record for domestic market and best-selling quarterly ranking in the world film history. Beigui Investment plans to set up the cinema M&A fund with a total fund size of no more than 1 billion RMB and a duration of “2+1” years. It will involve investments in primary and secondary markets for investments, M&A, construction and industrial integration in overseas and domestic cinema and cinema assets.  

Catering fund
Catering industry development is transformed from expansion-oriented to intensive pattern, and from scale-speed to quality-efficiency, and gradually improving all aspects of operations management, brand building, model innovation, technology application, and modern supply chain. Beigui Investment plans to set up a catering fund with a total scale of no more than 100 million RMB and a duration of “1+1+1” years. It will invest in the catering brands that have formed the standard quality control system, stable single-store cost structure and rapid copy ability of single stores.
Since 2010, China’s compound growth in pension, healthcare, and health management is significantly higher than that of the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries. Under the theme of “integrated treatment and convalesce” and “massive health” pattern, there will be greater room for growth and expansion in the fields of health care and health management services. Beigui Investment plans to establish a total fund of 1 billion RMB to connect with the social capital to assist the effective implementation, leading the global high-quality brand to the park. Moreover, it will center around the international medical center, physical examination center+ rehabilitation center+ pension center and international medical college.
Real estate funds: the project covers a wide range of asset types including global residential, apartments, office buildings, commercial and urban complexes. Partners get involved include famous real-estate owners, developers, operators and fund management companies around the world.